Top Best Logo Design Services

It’s pretty simple to hop on your computer and create a new logo in a few minutes with a cool font or some fun graphics. But there are a myriad of principles to logo design that the non-designer just doesn't get – such as color, texture, spacing and scaling. That's why there are professional logo creator services and online logo makers that you can hire to make a catchy, unique logo.

Advantages of Hiring a Logo Maker

Professional logo design means more than just a nice symbol to slap on packaging or append to emails. Your logo is a constant advertisement. It's your brand's statement to the world. With the right logo design, you can build your recognition while establishing your businesses.

And if you’re not an expert at designing a logo, bringing in a logo creator is the best way to guarantee your brand’s success. All it takes is the right designer to encompass everything your company stands for in a clever design.

#1 Fiverr Logo Designers: Best Prices Overall

I tested several different designers on Fiverr to see the quality I could get at different price points. In general, I like how the platform works. There’s a handy logo design search wizard that helps you find the perfect designer for your project. You can browse designers’ profiles to see their past work and feedback from other clients, and the messaging system is quick and easy.

But what’s really interesting about Fiverr is the quality of work you can get for such low prices. I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical about having a logo designed for only $5. I’m a designer myself and I am not easily impressed. But I was pleasantly surprised with what I got, both from the inexpensive designers and the pricier “Fiverr Pro” I hired – and I’d definitely feel comfortable using Fiverr for future projects.

I mean, why would you even want to spend your time messing around with a DIY logo maker when you can hire someone else to do the work for you for a cheaper price – and get a custom-made logo that you know no one else is going to have? With prices so cheap, you could even hire several different designers and run a little “design contest” of your own.

#2 Wix Logo Maker: Best DIY Free-to-Use Tool

Wix Logo Maker is a DIY tool I really appreciate. You might have to invest a bit more time to create a logo you really like, but the platform is very easy to use – no previous design experience needed. All you have to do to get started is answer a few basic questions. Then, Wix Logo Maker will generate a variety of logos based on your personal preferences.

I wasn’t very excited about any of the generated logos, but that’s just the beginning. The logo editor gives you a lot of creative freedom, so you can choose your own colors and fonts and position the different elements of your logo however you like. Since the tool itself is completely free to use, you can design as many logos as you want. You don’t have to pay unless you’re happy with the results.

If you just need a logo for personal online use and you don’t plan on having it printed, you can download your logo for free as a PNG file. You can use your free logo on your blog, your social media profiles, or even your YouTube channel.

#3 Looka: Best AI Logo Generator

What I liked most about the Looka logo maker is that it generates well-designed logos that actually look good. Once you pick a logo you like, you might even find you don’t need to change it up much.

What I didn’t like as much is that the logo editor is quite limited – you can’t drag and drop elements and place them wherever you want. As a designer, though, I understand why it works this way: the layout and spacing have been carefully calculated, and they don’t want to give users the option to mess it up. This ensures that whatever you do, your logo will still look good, which is why this logo maker is a fantastic choice for beginners.

Looka offers a social media kit, including 40+ logo files perfectly sized for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other major platforms. There’s also a drag-and-drop website builder, business cards, t-shirts, and other printed merchandise.

#4 DesignCrowd: Best Professional Designers

The logo we got from DesignCrowd won the office vote, and it is now our new logo for Website ! That is definitely an impressive achievement, and you might be wondering why DesignCrowd isn’t ranked #1 on my list.

Well, we all like the logo I got from DesignCrowd, but I still had a couple of issues with the platform. First, there was the price. When you can hire a designer on Fiverr for as little as $5, it just doesn’t make sense to pay over $100 for DesignCrowd. My second issue was the user interface – I didn’t like all the calls-to-action and other distractions on the site.

You can run logo design contests on DesignCrowd and get multiple options to choose from, but I chose the other option: working directly with a designer. With the cheapest package, I didn’t get to choose my own designer, but I did pay a little extra to get one of the top designers, and I think that was a wise investment. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck with a design you don’t like.

DesignCrowd offers a variety of other design services, including web design, t-shirt design, business cards, flyers, and more.

#5 99designs: Best for All-in-One Branding

99designs can be a bit pricey compared to the other services on this list, but it offers excellent value for your money, especially if you have some long-term design work you need done. You can run a contest for just about any design project, from logos to product packaging to book covers.

I decided to run a logo design contest to see what I would get. I received about 40 different logos, and as I expected, the quality varied and not all of them were usable. Still, I was able to narrow them down to a few options that I really liked. Then we had an office vote, and the chosen winner was my favorite as well. Communicating with the designer to ask for revisions was easy and I had no problem getting exactly what I wanted.

For an extra fee, you can run a private design contest, so your competitors can’t see what you’re up to. Agencies can sign up for 99designs Pro, which includes expedited service and a dedicated account manager.

If design contests aren’t your thing, you can browse through individual designers’ profiles and portfolios, choose your favorite, and work with them directly.

#6 Tailor Brands: Best Logo Icons Libary

Out of all the logo makers I’ve tried (and that’s a lot), Tailor Brands is among my personal favorites. I like the logo generation process and I like how easy it is to use.

The Tailor Brands logo editor doesn’t have all the advanced customization features that some of its competitors are offering, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There’s a huge library of icons to choose from, and you can customize what matters most: the text, fonts, and colors. If you’re a complete beginner, you’ll find this tool incredibly easy to use. Hey, there’s a good chance it’ll even be fun.

The logo maker is 100% free to try. You can design as many logos as you like – you pay only if you like the results. You can even download a free sample, but just keep in mind that it will be low-quality.

Tailor Brands isn’t just about logos, either. The platform offers complete branding solutions, including everything from printed merchandise to branded business presentations.

Logos Make Connections

Think of your business as a body. The products you sell and services you offer are the internal organs that keep the machine running; but the logo is the face that everyone sees. It's what interacts with people and either greets them with a smile, or stares at them blankly.

Even if you think you can create a logo without any experience, the truth is you want a professional logo maker to ensure your brand always makes a good first impression.

Logos Boost Company Morale

Which would you rather work for: A company that has a professional, sophisticated logo that can be printed onto stickers, mugs and T-shirts, or a company whose name is a basic Microsoft Word font? Your logo won't just make sure that your business looks original, it will also make your employees feel happier to come in to work. When you have a great logo, it shows that you mean business and confidence in the workplace leads to greater productivity – which makes hiring a logo designer a win-win solution.