Wix Logo Maker

I have rewritten the first paragraph of this section five times, trying to make an allusion to fantasy literature, and how very different stories can be equally good because they’re directed at different audiences. I decided that the risk of accidentally offending the Neverending Story fans in my life was too great. Let’s just assume that I was very clever. Please?

All that’s to say… Wix Logo Maker’s feature set lacks a couple of things I’d really like to see in these logo makers. But then again, if it had them, it would be more like a pro-level graphics app, and then what’s the point of having these simpler logo makers?

It’s got a step-by-step Wizard that carefully explains everything for you (another thing logo makers and fantasy stories have in common) and uses AI to generate logo designs based on questions you answer at the beginning of the process. This Wizard allows you to make logos that can be as simple as your company name with fancy lettering, or as complex as a logo with an icon, a tagline, a background shape, etc.

Once the AI is generating logos, you can just keep telling it to go on generating logos until you’re happy. Of course, the logos generated will get less and less relevant to the answers you provided earlier, as these algorithms tend to show the best and “most relevant” options first.

The generated logos, in my opinion, are a little hit and miss. In some cases, I genuinely wondered what the logos I was seeing had to do with the answers I gave. And then there were logos that looked absolutely right.

Fortunately, you don’t have to leave everything to the algorithm. You can choose, for example, exactly which icon you want from its library of icons, and all logos generated will be updated to reflect your choice. Once you’ve got a logo that looks almost right, you can further customize the details. Frankly, it’s the logo editing/customization features that make Wix Logo Maker worth using (more on that later).

There is no practical limit on the website name or tagline. As usual, this is both a blessing and potentially a problem, if you’re silly like me.

Using Wix Logo Design Couldn’t Be Easier – Just Start Clicking, and You’ll Be Fine

Wix has been in the “make design easy for people who don’t know anything about design” business for a long time now and it has a pretty good system. The design is simple, clean, intuitive, and generally has pretty good instructions.

And most importantly, it has an Undo button for just about everything except actually buying your logo. God, I love Undo buttons. Excuse me a moment, I’ll be fantasizing for a few minutes about how useful an Undo button would be in real-life conversations.

What? I’m a decent writer, sure, but you’ve seen me on video. I’m not going to start giving motivational speeches for a living any time soon.

You Can Save Your Projects Before You Buy

And here I address what I think is the single most important feature for these services, as I do in every review. Websites that let you think about your purchase, and come back to it later are good. Websites that try to get you to “just buy it already” are to be treated with suspicion.

You Can Duplicate Logos You’ve Made

This is a small, but useful feature. Do you have a work-in-progress logo that you like, but want to try something different with it? Just make a quick copy, and experiment in a new browser tab. This sort of small quality of life feature makes me happy every time.

Logo Files Come with Useful Information

Speaking of small quality of life features, here’s one you may have already seen in the video, but I wanted to address it again, here: the miniature brand guide that comes with your logo files. It’s simple stuff, just hex values for your chosen colors, and the name of the typefaces you chose, but it’s useful to have that information all in one place.

All in all, designing your logo should be simple, even if you’ve never done it before. Well, if you’ve never done it before, there will be a learning curve, but that’s always the case. It’s like I said above: just read all the instructions you see, keep clicking, and you’ll be fine.

The wizard, and indeed the whole process, is just that simple. Well, I do wish that maybe the wizard asked more questions because as previously mentioned, the results can be a bit lackluster at the beginning. But once you’ve chosen a base logo to work with, the editor is just great.

You do have to sign up for a Wix account to try it all out, but just trying out the editor and designing your logo is free, so there’s nothing to lose but some of your time.

How Good Is Wix’s Customer Support?

Most of Wix’s help is to be found in its Help Center (you might have guessed), including information on how to contact them. The knowledge base covers all of the basics of the logo maker and every other service it has. It has a ticket system which runs on email, and a phone support system.

Overall, my requests were handled fairly promptly, and my questions were answered.

There’s also a blog full of design-related stuff. It won’t help you technically, but if you’re looking for design inspiration, this is the place to go.

Wix Logo Design Ticket Support

Now my first experience with the ticket system was a little slow, but that’s probably because of the server problems I mentioned above. I specifically asked about the 500 Error, and when I might expect to be able to download my logo files.

I wasn’t too happy with the answer. Let me explain: before I submitted my ticket, I was asked to provide a screenshot if I could (I did), and the URL of the page the error happened on. Since the error seemed to be affecting the entire Logo Maker app (but not the Logo Maker promotional site), I told them as much. Well, perhaps I didn’t make it as clear as I could have.

Wix’s Pricing Plans Are Simple Enough and Very Affordable

Like I mentioned before, the Standard plan gives you medium-sized PNG files of your logo. The Advanced plan gives you the scalable image format too, the mini brand guide, and the images sized for social media sites. The website will try to upsell you on Wix’s other services, of course, but the logos themselves are pretty cheap.

Accepted payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

As previously mentioned, there is a free sample logo, but you’re not supposed to use it commercially. There is no cheaper plan for non-commercial use. There are no refunds, so make sure you actually have the logo you want. If you want revisions after you’ve bought your logo, you’ll basically have to pay for a new one.

Usage Rights

You get full commercial rights with both payment plans. While I was on the phone, I didn’t get a satisfactorily specific answer about the copyright, but the knowledge base says that you can file for a trademark. I am no lawyer, but if you can file for a trademark, you probably have the copyright?

That’s a guess.